Homeless…Day 14 

This journey has been very interesting so far. Sleeping in my car has not been the hardest part of this experience.

I live in a major US metropolitan area and winter is kicking in, yet the cold hasn’t yet bothered me. (At least not yet..lol!)

What does bother me, is all of my inner issues that are manifesting as a result of this life style. Basically, I have a huge load of bad habits that I was apparently able to sustain because I was living in a house or an apartment.

Now that I don’t have that shelter in which to store away these habits, they cannot hide inside of me any longer. I’m learning about who and what I really am, as opposed to what I believed myself to be.  

Food is a big issue for me. I realize that I tend to eat food to alleviate feelings of boredom. Or sometimes I go shopping for food as entertainment. Now that I don’t have a refrigerator to use to store food, I have to be more mindful.  

The reality is that I have to eat what I buy immediately or within a two days. So I have no choice but to face this bad habit an eliminate it.  It will be torture if I continue to buy food that I cannot possibly consume. It’s socially irresponsible to take more than I need, just to satisfy a mental and physical sensation.

Maybe, in some way, my selfish tendency in this area contributes to this world wide problem of greed.  If people like me only consume or acquire the things that we need and not try to take hold everything that attracts our attention, I believe the world would be a better place.

I have often criticised others that Rob the poor to give to the rich.  But what I did not realize is that I AM THAT PERSON so long as I continue in these behaviors.

How can the big business wreak havoc on undeveloped lands, and the people who live in those lands, if they have no money to do so?  Who gives them the money…me!  With my ridiculous overconsumption of everything I’m a never ending cash flow…

So I will definitely be cutting back on my consumption of all things. If I take too much, there won’t be enough for everyone else. I don’t want to hurt the earth and all my billions of family members that roam the earth with me.

I forgot that we are all family here. All are children of the INFINITE. This living situation is helping me remember. 

Mindfulness 😊


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