Why Make Fun of Anyone?

It’s true, no one can fully understand a situation unless one lives it. My heart has expanded.  It’s not funny when someone makes jokes about the homeless.

The other day my co-worker innocently made a joke saying “I can‘t go to the store looking like this ( with the current outfit the worker had on), they might throw me out, thinking Im homeless”

I tried to force out a laugh, but instead smiled and lowered my head, hoping the topic would change. Another co-worker jumped in to save the situation and said “No one is going to think you are homeless.”

That person is one of my favorite people at work and I be with all my heart that she meant no harm. I absolutely hold nothing against her.  

I neglected to tell her that I am homeless, it would have made a bad situation worse and could have caused more harm than good. 

The situation made me ask the question, “What do the homeless look like?” To answer that all I have to do is look in the mirror…lol 😃

But I’m not interested in making fun of other people anymore. For any reason.  Making fun of others is a bad habit that I need to kick.  There are other things to laugh about that are more positive and that don’t bring someone else down.  

Wouldn’t it be great if we all made jokes that helped people instead of hurt thm? This situation revealed my need to “rethink my speak” 

I won’t hold anyone else to this standard, that’s not fair. But, I’m no longer interested in engaging in negative energy of any kind.

May All Beings Be Loving, Peaceful, Truthful and Happy!


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