My way or The Highway

I guess it’s true that I always want things to go my way. And when they don’t go my way I get angry.  

The Voice Within was telling me to update my driver’s license with my address that I had at the time.  But I kept finding excuses not to do it.  

Fast forward to last week. I tried to register for classes and could not do it because my address is not valid any longer. 

I realized that since I am now homeless, I will not be able to provide the necessary proof of permanent residence.  

All I could go was start crying right there in front of the student advisor. I wasn’t crying because I was homeless or because I couldn’t register. I cried because things didn’t go my way. And it all could have been prevented if I would have listened to the Inner Voice as acted as soon as it spoke.

May I learn from this lesson. May I loosen my grip on the “I”.

All I can do is keep going.  Que Sera sera…😐


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