Day 102

We’ll the journey continues.  The tests continue and each day I learn a little more. Coming closer to my Self.

Now that my tablet is fixed again, I can continue writing. I got out of my car and it slipped through my hands and fell to the ground. For some reason I felt very peaceful about the situation and was “OK” with the incident.

I now see that it was a good thing. I needed that time away from media.

So the temperature continues to fluctuate between cold and freezing, strangely enough I am starting to get used to the cold. The freezing part, however, will take some time… Lol.

Another incident occurred, the backpack that I usually carry, which contains all my my college textbooks and the borrowed laptop from the school was taken.

Usually, I would be freaking out, angry and crying at my unfortunate turn of events. But this time..Nothing. Just a strange sense of..”such is life in this world”

No I did have a moment of worry when I remembered that the laptop was in there and that the books were in there too, but something told me that all those will be replaced.

While meditating on the situation, the temptation to dwell on how I let this happen was always there. I decided to ignore it and maintain equanimity.

I’m not the only person in the world who has experienced this and I won’t be the last.

I also remember an enlightened being mentioning that all things are perfectly ordered in the Universe, under complete control. Not my control, from what I can tell, but definitely under the control of ONE infinitely wiser than me.

So, I realized the fact that nothing material in this world belongs to me. All those accumulated things can be taken away way more quickly than they came. 

The only thing that belongs to me is that which can never be taken away. I’m tempted to say consciousness, but that too may have to go at some point, or does it expand into infinity.  I’ll only know when I get there.

I also have a strange sense that the money to pay for the computer will be there. Just as God provided for the person that needed that backpack and everything in it, so too will He provide for the money to pay for the computer and books. 

Sometime the Eternal, takes away from one child to provide for another in ways that are unique. But I surrender to this situation and to the Truth revealed through it. 

I loosen my grip on this world.. LOL 🤗 


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