Fear and Death 🤔

Now that I have made my plans to go to Nepal to pursue Truth, fear has paid me another visit.

So based on the decisions that I have been making a lot of people are afraid of what might happen to me. 

Will I survive living in my car? 

Will I make it back from a foreign land alive? 

Will my life be ruined because all else is now secondary to my inner journey?

These thoughts have infiltrated my mind and now Death and Fear are trailing me.  I have a constant sense of death hanging over me every day. It whispers “I may be coming for you soon, are you ready?”

Then Fear comes from the other side and I start to tremble. The thought of cancelling the trip crossed my mind for a while.  

Then I remembered the words of Ramana Maharishi, “what is destined to happen will happen” 

So if I’m destined to die on such and such a date, what does it matter where I am?  Whether I’m here or in Nepal, my fate is sealed. 

I refuse to live in Fear!!  Instead of running away I’m going to run to you Death!  I’m going on my trip and if it is my last I’ll make it the best!

Let’s go ahead and get to know each other.You can come now or 40 years from now, but come you must. I’m tired of being tossed too an fro by fear of you.

So I’m going to learn to Love you. Because you are actually my friend. Through you, I return to the Infinite and become whole again.

So I really am my own worst enemy. If met correctly, Fear and Death and any destructive force, are powerful advocates of inner purification. Once again, my ego, through the mind has caused me great trouble.

Not my unlikely friends.  🙃.  Peace… Peace… Peace


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