Strange Answers to Prayer

The tests keep coming and each time my Ego’s grip lessens. I didn’t realize how biased I am to pleasantness.

I was sleeping in the park before going to work last night. I started my car to warm it up when a few minutes later a female cop pulled up and demanded that I leave immediately or she will write me a ticket.  

I waited a minute and then climbed into the front seat to pull off. She proceeded to take a picture of my lisence plate before I pulled off.

In my mind anger started to rise because it was only 10:30 pm and I know that the park closes at 11 pm. Also, I was getting ready to leave anyway as my car was running.

My mind took a turn for the worst and I had a mini “woe is me” party. 

Then the thought arose that the only reason I’m getting offended is because of my ego. I, again was getting upset because things didn’t go MY way.  

When I really stopped to think about it, no true harm was done. I actually prayed that the Infinite would wake me up by 10:30 pm so that I would make it to work on time.

We’ll coincidentally, that lady showed up at that time to make sure that the Devine plan was executed…Lol! I got to work on time and I was definitely alert for the entirety of the night.

Instead of cursing her, I should be thanking her for fulfilling my heart’s prayer. I forgave her in my heart, may the Devine forgive me. 

The Infinite definitely has a sense of humor. How many times have I been ungrateful when The Appearance comes in the form of discomfort.  Since Discomfort is here and does not appear to be going anywhere, I’ll have to learn to accept That form. 

How else can go beyond duality.

Sarvesham Vashtir Bhavatu

Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu

Sarvesham Poornam Bhavatu

Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu



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