Day 121

I currently work in the Mental Health Field and often have encounters with the patients with whom I work.

This morning I had an encounter with particular patient about the medications this person is currently taking. I was so sure that the pills were benzodiazipines but she assured me that they were not. 

I refused to listen and the patient mentioned looking it up online. I replied “Go ahead”. So confident in my knowledge.

As the person proceeded to look it up, I remembered that the medication we were talking about was absolutely not a Benzo, but that I was thinking about another medication that the patient is taking.

I immediately corrected myself and told her that she was right and that I was thinking of the other medication.

The incident was physically over, but I was still disturbed by my lack of respect for and arrogance toward that individual. Most of the patients are older than me, so certain respect is due to them.

I need to respect their intelligence and vast experience in this life. They know way more that I know and I forget that sometimes. This incident revealed the greater problem of arrogance and ego that is still alive and well within me.

Pretending to know everything, but knowing nothing. 

OK no more Misses Know It All. I get it, it’s better to keep my mouth shut during this time. It’s time to practice being quiet.

I don’t have to be the “one” with all the answers. What a foolish thoughtšŸ¤”


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