Day 175

A lot has happened since I left the country and returned. Life has definitely changed forever. I’m not interested in going back to the way it was.

I’ve been allowing myself to let this change settle in, now I’m starting to take some actions…lol!

But I’ve decided to share with the Universe all that I’ve written in my day by day account of what happened while I was in Nepal. It was an internal and sometimes external rollercoaster ride from the time I left, till the time I returned.

I did not take a lot of pictures because I was so busy living life in Nepal. When I left this side of the world, I decided to leave EVERYTHING. Family, friends, job, stresses, troubles, politics, all that have to do with life over here, was left over here.

When I got off the plane my life was now in Nepal. I was no where else at the time, but Nepal. I contacted my family when I got there, and did not contact them again until I left. The funny thing is that after a few days, I did not miss them…shhhhh…don’t tell!

So a little background info about how I ended up in Nepal….

I’ve been on the inner journey for some time now and a few years ago I came to a point where I had a block that I could not get beyond. One night it got to the point where I had lost a lot of hope and did not want to on in this way. My only true desire in life is to become TRUTH and enter into the PRIMORDIAL LOVE. To merge with it completely and stay there.

It’s not for everyone, but that’s how I feel. And I felt if I cannot do that in this life, then why live?  I was tired of living, if my goal was impossible to reach. But I remembered the stories of the Sons of God and Great Ones.  They all said that it is possible.

So that night, I made a call out to the Universe, “Please, if there is someone out there that can help me, please help me.  I don’t care where you come from or what religion you follow, I just need help with the Truth. Please help me.”

These are probably not the exact words, but that was the general idea…lol!  I went to sleep that night crying. I was just so sad.

But that night, I had one of the most vivid dreams of my life. In that dream, I was standing inside a hut that seemed to be located in a jungle or some remote area.  I was standing in line with several other people that I did not recognize. I think we were waiting to see someone.

There was a doorway to another room next to the line where I was standing. The door way had no door so it was just an open archway. From that room I felt a presence. When I turned around, out came a being with long dark hair all dressed in white.  The light of the being shown so brightly that I could not make out the face.

As I stared at the being, it walked up to me, almost face to face.  Suddenly, the being breathed out of its mouth. That breath entered into my body through my nose and mouth. I felt it as it spread throughout my entire being.  The power was great.

The being then inhaled, and out of my being, or body, left all impurities. Fear, anxiety, worry, restlessness, anger and hatred. All these negative things. That being inhaled them in.

After that happened, I felt Perfect Peace and stillness. Nothing. 0 Kelvin. My body felt weightless and I felt as if I was floating.  The body began to slowly go backwards as if I was laying down in mid air. When I was completely level, my hands went into a particular mudra and I stayed in that state of Nothingness.

When I woke up, could still feel the peace lingering. After some time, I remembered that my significant other sent me a video of a particular individual several years back. I watched the video, but thought to myself. “This is not what I’m looking for, although, the speech is nice.”

In the video, there was a young person, who I believed to be a yogi, giving a speech about love and peace. At the time, I thought it was just another yogi. I love yogi’s and I love the thought of being in their presence, but I wanted someone like Muhammed or the Christ to lead me like a disciple.

After remembering the video, I went back in my email to watch it again. I then contacted my significant other and asked that the other documentary that was mentioned be sent. As I watched, I knew that this was the being from the dream.

So from that time till now, I knew that I would end up in Nepal to receive what I have to receive in person. I went to Nepal and definitely believe that I got everything I could want and more. I’m very grateful…

May all beings accomplish what we’ve come to accomplish on earth. May we all live well and die great. Life is special. I’m learning.

I would like to share my day by day journey starting with the next post.



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